Hi, I’m Raagini.

I design conversational experiences for NLP-powered AI products

Why invest in design for your AI product?


Brian Reed was spot on when he said “Everything is designed. Few things are designed well.” Design is a part of everything, every single thing. So it’s a no-brainer, good design makes products useful, usable, and used. I’d hate to see good products go to waste because of bad design.


My expertise is in the digital product space, specifically in Conversational AI.

I specialize in Human Centered Design and crafting intuitive experiences for AI assistants.

bring together the tenets of linguistics and user experience to design virtual minds around the human mind.

  AI Design Solutioning: My Focus Areas

Conversational Experience Design

I work towards improving user engagement by uncovering the problem space, understanding user behavior and needs, arriving at usability outcomes, interpreting business goals, creating design artifacts to guide the design process, and constructing conversational diagrams to illustrate possible user journeys.

Analytical linguistics (NLU design)

I work towards conducting Natural Language discovery, defining the intent framework and disambiguation strategies, scoping out the use-cases, creating an intent architecture, sourcing and annotating data, deciphering algorithm intricacies, training classification models, and maintaining models to optimize performance across training iterations.

How do I make it work?

I work with clients to discover new ways for people to interact with systems and machines while producing savings and value. My exposure to interaction design for Natural Language Processing (NLP) backed Artificial Intelligence (AI) products has been wholesome, covering the front-end experience and the back-end. software I think of it as nurturing a young mind.

I help the machine learn the basics of language

I help it understand meaning

I teach it using algorithms to have meaningful, fruitful conversations

The interactive experiences flow as per the designed conversational pathways, scoped to cover all possible user journeys. As a multidisciplinary AI designer, I am skilled in user experience design and machine learning to ensure that the solutions I create are valuable, feasible, and usable.

Experience Design in Action

Conversational Experience Design

My approach to crafting experiences for conversational interfaces & creating user-empathetic content is driven by the force to solve problems. I put in practice design methodologies that are guided by user- centered thinking.


Analytical Linguistics

My approach to designing the intent recognition strategy involves understanding the software intricacies, and applying my knowledge of linguistics & core machine learning concepts to ensure the process of natural language recognition is optimized. I put in practice my analytical skills to measure performance, and plan for enhancement & maintenance.

NLP consultations

I have consulted on AI products aimed at meeting advertising and marketing needs, with the focus on creating hyper-personalized promotional messages. This involved NLG templating, conditional logic design, text classification, entity-level sentiment analysis, data sourcing to create lexical datasets, annotation, and feature extraction.


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Featured in the #WomenInAI series introduced to recognize “pioneering executives implementing AI solutions and mapping out a future for women in STEM careers.”

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Recognized as an industry leader to adopt and promote AI at the enterprise level. As part of the #WomenInAI program, shared insights on closing the gender gap in STEM careers.

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Online portfolio featured by Botmock as one of four standout portfolios showcasing chatbot design skills. The portfolio case studies were developed by leading conversation design experts.

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