We meet again :)

How to pronounce my name, you ask?

r aa g ih n ee


I live in Bangalore. They call it the Silicon Valley of India, and rightly so. Being at the hub of technological advancements (and the endless accompanying opportunities), I’ve found myself working on innovative, industry-disruptive AI technologies.

But creating conversational agents was never part of the plan.

Time for a quick backstory?

While doing my undergraduate studies in English literature, I was inclined to pursue academic research. So, I naturally gravitated towards attending graduate school for a Masters of Arts in English. I graduated with a dual major in Linguistics and Communication Studies, with distinction, and a placement offer from Samsung Research and Development.

I was all set to take forward my Master’s Dissertation on the Semiotic Analysis of Brand Names & Advertising Messages for doctoral research. But the opportunity to extend my academic knowledge in linguistics to the world of chatbots and cognitive assistants was irresistible.

And that’s how I got here!

When I’m not building dialogue systems, you’ll find me obsessing over food, kopi luwak, books, nature walks, and the mountains v/s beaches debate.

  • Education

  • Masters in English,Linguistics and Communication Studies


  • Bachelors in English, Language and Literature


  • Internships

  • Power Grid Corporation of India – Corporate Communication

  • The Communication Council (TCCGGD) – Public Relations

  • Penguin Random House – Marketing and Publicity

  • Network 18 (IBN7) – Editorial

  • Youth Ki Awaaz – Social Media Marketing

  • Experience

  • Lead Conversational AI Designer


    Defining and implementing frameworks for conversation design, formulating language recognition strategies, and NLU design for several enterprise AI solutions via various NLP-infused products.

  • Conversational Experience Designer


    Designing conversational experiences, developing intent recognition strategies, and modeling classifiers for IPsoft’s Conversational AI Product, Amelia.

  • Natural Language Processing Consultant


    Worked for a New York based startup on creating NLG templates, designing conditional logic, sentiment analysis, curating lexical datasets, intent & entity annotation, and feature extraction to create hyper-personalized promotional messages for an AI powered app.

  • Language Expert


    Worked on different modules of Natural Language Generation, Natural Language Understanding, and Automatic Speech Recognition for Samsung’s virtual assistant, Bixby.

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